The road that seek to live on is developmental ” corpse world war ” funeral cadaver AI is taller cleverer

” corpse world war ” had been in today (on April 16) land PS4, , Xbox One and PC platform, intermediary offerred a few places that deserve attention in the light of this game outside, read next specific content together. If the player is previous,intermediary expresses to had played outside ” the road that seek to live on ” the word of series, so ” corpse world war ” scarcely can make a player disappointed. No matter be special funeral cadaver, secure room or an another enemy set, the player can feel ” the road that seek to live on ” series is familiar with then clinking ” recipe ” . Nevertheless, ” corpse world war ” its are honest ” the road that seek to live on ” a few new things were added on series, let this game reach new height. For example, players discover very easily ” corpse world war ” many medium setting and motion picture are more similar, and the urban setting in game also has a characteristic quite. At the same time the producer of game also expresses, he himself likes to see the movie that concerns with funeral cadaver very much, he likes those funeral to cadaver comes in great numbers and corpse tide crosses metope wildly and start the scene of assault to the mankind very much. Accordingly, he is in ” corpse world war ” in tide of cadaver letting funeral has shock power more, more bloodsucking more atrocious also. Development business shows further: The funeral cadaver AI in game actually more a few cleverer, they can be passed build ” funeral cadaver ladder ” will let other funeral cadaver cross fraise, and once funeral cadaver encounters a player, so the specific place that can the funeral cadaver all round also know a player (drive slope network? ) . ” corpse world war ” already landed PS4 on April 16, , Xbox One and PC platform, interested player can experience below.