” the ammo that make light ” appear on the market general view of a maiden work of prevue DayZ producer VR

DayZ producer Dean Hall released game of HTC Vive exclusive strategy in Steam Early Access a few days ago ” the ammo that make light (Out Of Ammo) ” .

This is RocketWerkz of Hall new atelier first work, ” Out Of Ammo ” give a player the job of battlefield make known to lower levels in length and breadth of land, you can give soldier make known to lower levels the job, build fortification, call air battle is assisted, can control oneself unit even.

” Out Of Ammo ” for HTC Vive exclusive game, developer is on Steam so say. The palm charges his unit, position of OK and sufficient play tracks a function; Seek at the back of sanded bag covering, inclined lean below the tower, perhaps toss antitank grenade rear in sanded bag. All objects in game have physical character, game experience is strengthened greatly.

Current version includes 4 environments (forest, desert, the Alps, city) , and 5 units (rifleman, sharp-shooter, rocket flight arms, medical treatment arms and engineer) .